I am an electronic music artists from Germany. I prefer electronic club music in general. But I am also making downtempo, experimental, chill, house and techno tracks. I don’t care about genres because the qualitiy of music is not depending on the style. I try to make anything that sounds good. So why should I limit myself?

In the past

I started making music when I was at school. I remember the time when I bought my first bass guitar and an gigantic amplifier because a good friend of mine wanted set up a band with me. For a very long time I played the bass guitar and it is still my favourite instrument. In my view, a good bass line and a nice beat are fundamental for every good electronic track. I played the bass guitar in several bands and I also had a couple of small gigs in Germany. But nothing lasts forever, so after the split of my last band I decided to make music with a personal computer. For years I was working with a sequencer software and a midi keyboard. But over the last few years I have recognized that I had no fun making music that way.


Nowadays I am producing a wide range of electronic music with real synthesizers and hardware sequencers. For music production I don’t use music software any more because my results are much better when I’m working with real hardware only. In my case, writing and arranging songs DAWless (without a Digital Studio Workstation) is more fun and way more efficient. I was getting tired of all the software issues, update installations and booting in the past.
And the copy/paste music programming didn’t meet my expectations of making music.

My dream has come true and today I am able to make creative electronic music and I enjoy every single day when I can switch on my synthesizer.

The show must go on!